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Every client who chooses EssayPlanet.org is assured of satisfaction. Our greatest priority is to ensure that the client is completely satisfied with the service. We have established various measures to help us achieve customer satisfaction. At EssayPlanet.org we do whatever is required to have our clients 100% satisfied with the products we deliver. Our writers also ensure that the work they submit is guaranteed to satisfy the client fully. Nonetheless, in some occasions, a customer may feel a need to have his or her work revised. At EssayPlanet.org, there is provision for revision of the final product submitted to the client. The provision is guided by the following policies.

  • The revision request ought to be in line with the original order instructions. One should not deviate from the original preferences and instructions issued with the initial order placed at EssayPlanet.org. If one is making a revision request, the instructions for the request ought to be similar to the initial instructions that were issued when the customer was placing the order the first time. For instance, if the initial instructed that the writer provides 5 references for his or her work, the revision request should also ask that 5 references are given. If you ask for additional references, then this revision request will be deviating from the original order. For a revision that deviates from the original order, the customer has to pay extra since this is regarded as editing. Editing is an entirely distinct service that EssayPlanet.org provides to clients. Talking to the customer support will help a customer work out the cost of a revision request.
  • If the request for a revision sticks to the initial order placed at EssayPlanet.org, then our writers will do it free of charge. As stated earlier, EssayPlanet.org is all about providing our clients with top-notch quality services. If you get a product that does not fully meet the specifications that you described in the original order, you are entitled to request for revision of the work. If the request for revision is in line with the original order and does not deviate for the initial instructions given, the revision will be done without any extra charges.
  • A revision request is acceptable within a week (seven days) of receiving the order. This provides the client with enough time to review the paper to discern if it meets the standards that he or she set. It is also convenient for the writer who worked on the order. Therefore, if a customer sends in a request for revision after the one-week period has expired, he or she will be charged some extra amount for the service. The company’s representative at the customer support will help a client find out how much this will cost.
  • We also permit our customers to ask for revision by a different writer. We understand that the order is important to you in many ways and therefore we respect any decisions that you make pertaining to the order. We are, therefore, ready to provide a different writer to revise your documents, and we will gladly comply with such a request.

As it is our objective to keep our clients contented, we will offer our clients unlimited revisions. We promise to revise the product until it meets all your preferences. The requests must nonetheless be genuine and reasonable. It is not proper for a client to misuse the option for revision requests, exploit our writers or simply be illogical in the request made. If the request for revisions is legit, we will complete the revisions till the client is satisfied.

The academic help offered at EssayPlanet.org is the best anyone can find. Our writers are professionals in what they do. The paper that is conveyed to the customer is a premium product. Nonetheless, in some rare occasions, your specifications may not be met exclusively. If this happens, EssayPlanet.org is always ready to revise the paper till all the specifications are met. The revision requests are not limited to some customers; they are available to all of our clients without bias or prejudice.

As stated earlier, we are focused on fulfilling the requirement of the orders of our clients. In case a customer is sent a product that falls short of the necessities of the original order requirements, he or she can request that the paper or document is revised. We will gladly revise the paper or document until the client is well pleased with the final product. However, the unlimited revisions are only offered if a request adheres to the following:

The revision request instructions do not deviate from the original order. The instructions outlined in the revision request should not in any way contradict what the customer had initially requested when placing the order the first time. Our Quality Assurance Department looks into all revision appeals to define whether or not they are compliant to this policy. This department will also examine the request and the product to see if all the initial instructions were met in the final paper. If it is found that indeed the writer fulfilled all the customer’s instructions in the final copy that was sent, the request for revision is disregarded and discarded.

If you strongly feel that, based on the initial instructions that you gave with the order, your paper deserves to be revised, you should contact the Customer Support Department. The company’s representative there will guide on how to send in a formal revision request. The Customer Support Team at EssayPlanet.org is easy to reach via chat, phone or email. Nonetheless, when a customer is requesting for a revision, all the revision comments should be expressed in written form. All revisions request are accepted in written form. The request for a revision can also be sent before a client approves the order. Additionally he/she can submit the request within seven days after receiving the order. However, since it may take the client some time to complete reviewing long papers, a 14-day extension is allowed for papers that exceed 20 pages. For such papers, a revision request can be sent within two weeks (14 days) after the client has received the request.

When a writer completes the order, he or she uploads the document to the client’s personal account. The customer then downloads and reviews the product. If he or she is not contented with the product, he, or she can then contact the customer support department and request for a revision. The Customer Support Department is reachable 24/7 and is helpful in guiding our customers on how to make a revision request. As indicated above, the revision request must reach EssayPlanet.org within seven days of receiving the order or within 14 days if the order received is longer than 20 pages.

So as to offer our clients the best, you will be entitled to unlimited revisions till the order fully satisfies the specifications of the original order. However, the unlimited revisions are only provided for revision requests that certify all terms expressed above.

Sometimes, however, a need to make changes to initial instructions arises. As such, the revision request fails to meet some of the policy requirements outlined above. This usually happens when a student has additional requirements or additional pages that he or she needs added to the final product that were not included in the original order. In such a case, the customer is asked to place a fresh order clearly describing all the modifications that he or she desires to be made on the paper. A customer should place a new order if the revision window has closed. However, if this revision comes within the revision period, the customer can simply make a payment for the extra pages of information, and the revision will be done.

There are various reasons that may drive a customer to want a revision that includes extra information. If, for instance, your professor makes alterations or gives you feedback that warrant the additional details, you will be compelled to request for a revision with added information. In such a scenario, the Customer Support Department evaluates the professor’s feedback and comments. The writer is then consulted on how many pages are needed to comply fully with the feedback and comments. A price is then calculated and billed to you.

Additionally, the customer might simply have forgotten to include some details or references when placing the original order. In some instances, the customer may send in misleading or wrong information in the original order. To correct these mistakes, the customer asks for an order that deviates from the original order. The clients will, thus, be charged an extra amount for this. However, if you find out that you made a mistake when placing the order, contact the customer support within 2 hours of making payment for the order and see if they can assist in correcting the mistake.

Note that the following are situations in which a revision will have to be paid for:

  • Changing of order instructions after work on the order has already commenced
  • If comments and feedback from your tutor imply that there is new information or additional pages to be included in the final product
  • If the customer accidentally fails to include some crucial information in the original order or if he or she wrongly put incorrect or inaccurate information when giving the instructions for the order, correcting such errors calls for a revision. Since this revision request deviates from the initial order instructions, it is akin to editing, and thus, the customer will have to pay extra.
  • Additionally, a customer is charged extra for extra resources that the writer has to use. These are resources that the writer specifies that they have to be used when the writer is working on the order. Such resources are, nonetheless, not found online for free and, thus, the customer is expected to buy these resources, or an extra fee is charged for the writer to procure them. If the customer fails to respond to us via phone or email regarding the acquisition of these resources and, thus, forcing the writer to write the paper using resources he found on his own, any additional sources that the customer sends will be viewed as new information and, thus, the revision will have to be paid for.

At times, a customer approves an order, but days later on he or she realizes that there are certain facets that have to be revised. Unfortunately, this may happen after the revision window (7 days for most orders or 14 days for lengthy papers of more than 20 pages). In requesting for a revision in this case, the customer Support ought to be contacted. The customer must also understand that after elapsing of this revision window it is not possible to get a free revision. The customer is thus required to make a proofreading and editing order.

After a revision request has been fulfilled, and the revised document is sent to the customer, the customer has a fortnight to approve the revised assignment. Usually once the deadline passes without any comments from he customer, the product or revised part of the assignment is considered approved. Therefore, a client is advised to review the product within this duration, and in case there are any comments or feedback that warrants a revision, they must be sent to us within this period. Nonetheless, even after the period has passed a client can still request for proofreading and editing services.