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College essay

College essay testimonialWriting your College Essay

A personal statement sets you apart in the college or university selection process and is what is meant by a college essay. This application essay writing exercise is to get it written from the aspiring students to understand the personality, interests, direction of thoughts, passion and other behavioral traits they possess. So, it is imperative to design a very focused preparation pattern and know all the To-Do’s and Not To-Do’s before entering into the war-room. The first question striking your mind as a prospective student is - What is the logic behind asking to write a college entrance essay? This is a critical question to understand the rationale behind picking the right students. Also, the answer to this question would help you know all the attributes you need to showcase for getting your dream college.


Writing college entrance essays is neither a piece of cake nor it is a bomb-making method, just the approach needs to be right. We have assembled the crux of all you need to know to be the chosen one. Let us move systematically answering all the confusions you might have one after the other. After you have gone through the entire content below, you would know:

  • Writing an essay
  • Making it unique
  • Common mistakes
  • Finalize with conclusion

How to start off? And what all you need to present an essay that gets you picked hands-down? Let us initiate with the first question - How to start off? Here below is a methodical content to help you prepare with ‘your’ college essay. Take your pen and paper and let’s get started.

1. Before you start writing:

1.1 Being new to writing such an essay, it is important to give enough time to writing, rewriting and necessary editing to make sure that you have covered everything. Writing at the last minute would stress you out, resulting in the essay being incomplete, unorganized and unappealing.

1.2 Think about yourself, your interests & hobbies, your vision, way of putting thoughts across and everything else that defines you. Jot down everything coming in your mind.

1.3 It is preferable to keep the voice of the content as close as possible to how you currently are. Writing hypothetical situations you imagine about yourself might be caught during screening, as the selectors are masters in catching such cloudy documents.

1.4 Take another moment to put yourself in the admission officer’s shoes and ask yourself - What catches my attention? You yourself would like to see catchy yet honest text that not only grabs your attention but also serves the purpose of picking up the deserving candidates. Keeping this in mind, write your key points which your essay will be written around.

2. Starting to Write:

2.1 Do not expect that you will be able to come up with a great masterstroke in first attempt. You might have to write, rewrite and re-rewrite before coming up with a meaningful content. But it is important to know that the final product will showcase the desired quality.

2.2 Although, it is part of a traditional style of essay writing that demands an introductory and concluding paragraph written, but you need to look at the bigger picture of being able to (1) grab admission officer’s eyes, so that he goes about reading your paper, (2) communicate the most enticing details about you to make them put your essay aside. For this purpose, consider writing only bullet points about your best remarks.

2.3 Put the content in an organized fashion, as the clean and properly spaced college entry essays are favourites in the lot.

2.4 Write the most important and compressed details of the theme you have chosen. Ideally, just one smartly written line succeeds in communicating the crux of all the details it might have.


3. After you are done writing:

3.1 Re-read at least twice to see the flow of language, and strike out any sentences that look unnecessary repetition.

3.2 Proofread to make sure no punctuations and spelling errors exist. As much good your content might be, one wrong spelling breaks the route towards being impressed. This is extremely important to invest good time in.

3.3 Be precise. The selection panel includes highly skilled and experienced individuals who do not need a long set of sentences written in order to convey message. This is also considered a good style of writing to be able to convey your message in shortest possible sentences.

Making your College Entry Essay Unique

Once you have learnt the art of creating your college essay, it is important to make sure that your essay doesn’t look ordinary or one in the pile of papers. The students who got selected must have written essays that worked by putting in ‘extra’ to make it unique. Keeping that in mind, you might have few seconds before you are kept along with all the rejected papers. Here are quick tips for getting your essay picked:

1. Write the most important and attractive aspect of yourself as the opening paragraph.

2. Keep the opening lines as simple as possible, to make the selectors read a lot in shortest possible time.

3. Take suggestions from others. There is a vast chance of getting a lot of significant feedbacks from others about what works best if they were the selectors. This would help you re-do a lot of your essay parts.


Common essay writing mistakes

One cannot deny the statement that there must be something those students must have missed or overdone that they were struck-off? These are the areas you need to invest a lot of time on too. After reading these points below, do re-read your essay and make sure you haven’t done anything similar.

1. Do not write extra. There might be a minimum and maximum word limit but it is a misconception widespread that as much lengthy you write that much impressed the admission officer would be about you. Such essays are considered boring and dull.

2. Most common mistake aspirants do is - They try to sound like something they want to be, rather than something they already are. You might be motivated by someone and looking at that identity you wrote your college essay, but it didn’t make much sense with other attribute of yours. In such cases you would be caught. Try to be honest, it pays.

3. Write simple, cloudy language doesn’t impress.

Getting the essay written

If your college papers are still blank, and you are stuck on the first title of the document ‘Before you start writing’, it is advisable to not waste any more time and seek professional help. The online college paper writing services would be the right source to reach out to. They have skilled writers to help you the way that suits best. We provide college essay writing services that might be helpful for you, as we have a diverse experience of understanding the individual needs of each student coming to us. Try looking at some essay samples we have for you to refer to. At least the minimum guarantee we offer is to give custom college essays and the final essay you receive would look like the one you had going on in your mind but you were unable to put on paper.

College admission essay writing might have given you a lot of stress but important to understand is that you can write good college essays if you have confidence over what you are and you need to know where to reach out to in order to seek the best help.