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When you place an order with EssayPlanet.org, you automatically agree to the following conditions:

  1. Use of Our Products: at EssayPlanet.org the submission of any kind of work product as a client’s own work is not allowed, encouraged or condoned in any way. All of our papers, documents and other products are meant to be used for research, study or examples of work that the client will produce on the basis of our paper.
  2. Information for Contact: the client is obliged to provide accurate and current contact details. EssayPlanet.org is not held responsible for delays in delivery because of incorrect contact details.
  3. Order Cancellation: cancelling an order after payment has been made for it, and it has been assigned to a writer can only guarantee the customer a partial refund that is determined by the company. It is based on the amount of work that the writer has completed at the time of the cancellation. EssayPlanet.org also offers the customer the option to save the sum for consequent orders instead of getting a refund.
  4. Resource Materials: in completing their research assignments, EssayPlanet.org writers will always utilize the most relevant and appropriate resource material. However, any assigned writer will gladly agree to use specific resources that the customer specifies. However, when the resources are not available to the writer, the customer is asked to provide that resources. The resources are uploaded through a client’s account. The resources should additionally be provided with the urgency they deserve. Delays in order completion that result from failure of the client to upload the required resources in good time are not the responsibility of EssayPlanet.org. We can also buy resources that are not free online when getting an approval. This, however, will be billed to the customer as an additional payment.
  5. Client Instructions: the client is expected to provide all the essential details of an order. The client should also respond to all the requests that the writer requires from him or her regarding to the work on the order.  EssayPlanet.org is not responsible for a finished product that is not to the client’s expectations as a result of our customer failing to provide the vital information or not responding to the writer’s requests.   Free revisions will, nonetheless, be made for orders that do not meet the requests in the original order. If, however, the revision request varies from the original order, there will be some charges asked from a client.
  6. Plagiarism: if a customer feels that there are traces of plagiarism in the final product, EssayPlanet.org will gladly present the results of a plagiarism scan it did on the product. If, on rare occasions, it is found that some parts of the document are plagiarized, we will revise the paper and eliminate the plagiarism.
  7. Electronic/Technical Issues: EssayPlanet.org is not liable for delays caused by technical issues, electronic failures or complications with the internet or servers of the client.

A customer placing an order at EssayPlanet.org consents to the provisions of this disclaimer.

Our services at EssayPlanet.org are premium. We are delighted that you have chosen EssayPlanet.org, and we will be pleased to answer any inquiries that you might have. Only fill in our contact form and a representative of EssayPlanet.org will try to assist you.

Customer Acknowledgment

Placing an order at EssayPlanet.org implies that a customer consents to what he/she read and will be bound to our terms and agreement. If a client requires certification of any kind, a request can be sent to us, and if he or she approves, then we can enter into an agreement. Our services are for the sole purpose of research and are not guaranteed to affect your grades in any way.

Payment Agreement

By accepting the terms and conditions, the customer automatically gives our company the permission to charge the total cost of the order placed to his or her credit card.

Order Cancellation

An order placed at EssayPlanet.org is canceled by sending in a formal email before a writer begins working on the order. Violating the user agreements when cancelling an order may result in the rejection of the cancelation request. We, however, consider each cancelation request individually.

Delivery Deadlines and Causes of Delays

The writers at EssayPlanet.org are excellent at meeting deadlines given by the clients. We are not responsible for delays occurring tin the following instances:

  • Delayed Verification: it is the customer’s responsibility to give us billing information that is accurate and authentic. A verification request is sent via email, and the customer is expected to respond promptly to comply with EssayPlanet.org antifraud policy.
  • Failure to Communicate: the customer is expected to regularly check for communication form the support team or the writer regarding the order placed at EssayPlanet.org. If a delivery of the order is delayed because of a customer failing to respond to a concern, request or question from the writer, this will be considered as customer negligence and will negate any claim for a refund.
  • Lack Of Provision of Accurate Phone Contacts; a valid phone number should be availed for writer to call the client when clarifying various aspects of the order.
  • Editing - altering the initial instructions is considered as editing and are charged accordingly, and they have an impact on the project deadline.
  • Failure to Provide Clear Specifications of Sources to Be Used: a client is expected to give specific and clear instructions for the resources to be used by the writer. If the sources to be used are rare or unavailable to the writer, then precise specifications must be given on the alternatives.  Such information had better be provided within:
    • The first 8 hours for 48-hour to 14-day orders
    • The first hour for 12-hour to 24-hour orders
    • The first 30 minutes for orders not more than 12 hours.
  • Choosing The Wrong Academic Level: if a customer makes a mistake when selecting the academic level for the order, the Customer Support should be contacted immediately.  Note that choosing the wrong academic level may result in increased costs for the final service.
  • Delayed Payment For The Order: a client is expected to pay for the entire order in good time, and we are not accountable for delays caused by delayed payments by the client.

If there is a concern with the delivery of the order, our support team will help you to work out the issues. If the cause for delay is entirely the fault of EssayPlanet.org, the price will be recalculated, or a partial refund will be given. The customer may also save the sum for subsequent orders placed at EssayPlanet.org.

Legal Tender

Anyone using EssayPlanet.org is responsible for abiding by the laws of the state, nation, country or region pertaining to making online purchases and the use of services related to academic writing. Use of credit cards which were stolen or any other violations that constitute cybercrime will be reported to appropriate authorities.

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