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Writing services testimonial​Defining good and bad writing services

A professional essay service, if used correctly, can be the answer to all of your academic prayers, they can offer a wide variety of papers which include:

  • Research services - A paper that involves a hefty amount of research and time on your part. This may be the dissertation for your college degree or a final project at a higher level. It could even be a part of your job. The quality of the paper is extremely important and the results may even be published. It will be of utmost importance that this paper is carried out to the best of one’s ability. There is no room for error here.

  • Assignment services – These papers usually form part of your degree or qualification and the grade you receive will have some impact on your final result. The assignment service could involve the writing of many paper types such as an essay or a critique. Because these only make up a part of your grade you can rest a little easier but at the same time realize that every little counts, and so if you need a writer for this part, they will still need to be very skilled.
  • Academic services – these services are related to the field of academia. Writing companies often advertise themselves as providing an academic writing service. Whatever you are studying at college will come under the academia umbrella.

Choosing the correct company for any of these types of papers can be costly and for those unfortunate few who have had to get them redone, time-consuming. There have been many people burnt by bad experiences when contracting a writing service. There are scams everywhere and so one thing you could do to help avoid this is to look at some history of the companies you are researching.

Writing services overlook

Online essay services should always offer the potential customer a chance to look at feedback from other customers. This should be found under the heading ‘testimonials’ at most online writing companies' websites.

‘Top essay writing services’?

They will provide you with the best service you could ask for. They will strive to communicate with you whenever necessary, format your paper in a personalized manner, offer you free samples and always complete the work within the deadline. This is how you know you are working with professionals. We are one example of a provider that defines top writing services. We have a very sophisticated website which includes:

  • Rates for services – offering everything from formatting to translation. It has a wide variety.
  • Samples – where they admit that every job is unique and therefore requires a customised portion free of charge.
  • Testimonials – giving a list of satisfied customers.
  • About us – providing an in-depth history about the company and its employees.
  • Privacy, plagiarism and ownership – detailing the guarantees the company makes to safeguard its clients.

This site also includes contact details and examples of past work. If you are going to use anything as a guide, it should most definitely be this one. If the company you are researching fails to provide you with everything included above then it’s missing something vital.

What else makes a good online essay service?

  • Quality assurance – what is meant by this is that the company should provide the client with a free sample reflecting the quality of their work. If the sample is good, then you can be assured that the final product should be in the same field.
  • Privacy and confidentiality – the service should guarantee that all of your details remain private and confidential.
  • Trust and assurance – you should be able to leave your paper in their capable hands and trust that the result will be a great one. They should be able to provide you with a report at the end of the work to assure you that the work is original and all sources are reliable.
  • Plagiarism – the writer should have signed official forms to say that they know it is wrong to commit plagiarism and that they would never do it.
  • Value for money – the paper you pay for should be affordable yet full of quality. Do keep in mind that the more you pay, the more quality you are bound to receive.


What makes a bad writing service company?

Defining the good writing company is all well and, well, good, but you also need to make sure you know how to define a bad one too…

  • Website – it probably looks amateur and it doesn’t display a lot of information.
  • Lack of freebies – when you contact them they probably won’t offer you free samples for you to try before you buy. They probably won’t even do it when asked upfront either.
  • Money – the cost is likely to be ridiculously high or next-to-nothing.  They will also require that you pay everything up front.
  • No guarantees – in their terms and conditions, if they have one, there might be a missing line about either; privacy, confidentiality, plagiarism or original content.
  • Lack of communication – they don’t ask many questions about the paper at hand.

If any of these seem familiar to you, raise the alarm bell.