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Our company is grounded on core values of transparency and integrity. In this way we are bound to provide original work to all our customers at all times. Thus when you order writing services from our company, you need to be sure of the quality and originality of the papers that you get. Due to these core values, we do not copy a paper from another source submitting it to you as our writers take the task to write new contents for you. In the same way, we do not publish the work provided to you earlier to submitting it to another person. We regard this as a form of plagiarism hence not allowed in our company.

At the same time we have qualified writers who are well skilled in writing original contents. We ensure that we hire writers with a sound educational background while blending them well. In this case we hire writers with masters and PHDs in varying fields while at the same time having those who have specialized in English language for back up. Our writers are also professional as they are guided by the ethics for academic writing that do not give room for plagiarism. This helps them to dedicate their time of the order entrusted to them in generating original content for the subject at hand.

In addition, we have a team of professionals who are committed in checking the work provided by our writers. Thus, we put them under continuous monitoring and evaluation based on every single assignment they complete. In this, we check both the quality and originality of the work delivered to a particular customer. We also have software that check whether any given paper has been plagiarized before it is wired to the customer. This team also takes the responsibility of responding to your concerns related to plagiarism issues hence attending to them immediately.

Moreover, we have latest facilities for research resources in our company. This makes it possible for our writers to carry out an extensive research before writing your paper. We have latest journals, historical data records, e books and other academic books for our writers to use. This helps our writers to provide quality and original papers as they do not run out of contents hence need to copy. They also use these resources to get facts about the subject matter you want handled hence giving you a paper written according to the specifications.