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The writers in our company are professionally prepared. They have technical skills in writing and vast experience in academic writing. We hire native English speakers hence having English as their first language. In addition we check on the educational background of our writers to be sure of their preparation to be able to handle various types of assignments. Here are the qualities that we look for when hiring writers for our company;

Sound academic background

When hiring a writer, we make it compulsory for them to have a sound academic preparation from a reputable university. In this case we insist that they be degree holders with masters or PHDs in fields relevant to writing. We also hire writers who have added qualification that can add value to particular assignments. This helps us to have writers who are professional with the skills and knowledge needed to provide quality papers.

Creative critical thinking capacity

This is an essential requirement for our writers. Creative critical thinking helps a writer to come up with papers that are well thought through and with flowing concepts. We assess the creativity level of the writers before hiring them by submitting them to a strict recruitment process that involves tests and sample writing. In this case, we are able to know the writing style of an individual and how they articulate their thoughts on a given topic. In this way we are able to get writers who can write nice to read papers.


In our company we have professional writers who are able to write academically acceptable papers. Our writers are guided by the principles and ethics of academic writing. When we hire writers we maintain after assignment assessment for them through evaluation of each of their assignments. In this way, we determine whether the writers are able to adhere to ethics. This assists us in having writers who provide original and plagiarism free papers.