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If you asked yourself this question just now, you have landed on the right ground. We carry expertise in guiding the newbie in writing their essays effectively, in short span of time. If you have questions like ‘How to write my essay?’, ‘How to find someone who could help me write my essay?’, ‘What would make my essay look good?’ and many such similar questions, take a quick look at the content below and you should be able to get all your answers to have your winning essay written.


Making of a good essay

Essay writing isn’t really difficult if the individual has a way with words and clarity of thought. Best for those, who need quick help with essay writing, would be to find online sources to help. If you believe that these two traits are right there in you, bring your pen and paper and let’s start-off with the making of a good essay following simple and easy steps:

1. Pre-writing

‘Why do I need pre-writing? Can’t I jump off straight onto the content?’ Many people often ask this question while seeing ‘Pre-writing’ as the first step. It is absolutely necessary to not avoid this step as this is what differentiates ‘just another in class’ essay to ‘Wow!’ essay. Tell yourself ‘I need myself to help me with my essay’ first. This process involves the below steps:

1.1 Know your audience well before starting to write. If you do not know who the end-user of the essay is, you might end up writing something generic that doesn’t connect with most of the readers.

1.2 Picking up right topic is next in line. A topic decides the level of interest your audience will show. A catchy but resourceful topic decides the entire structure of the essay.

1.3 Invest a lot of time in brainstorming the list of arguments you would be presenting in your essay content. The richness your essay possesses is the key element getting your essay a ‘good essay’ title.

2. Organizing content

Looking at this title, if you again just asked ‘I still can’t start writing off?’, then the piece of advice coming ahead is - Writing a good essay needs patience and correct planning.

1.1 Scribble everything that came in your mind. The proper clustering is the next step to this, but as the initial step we need to point down all the content coming in the mind.

1.2 Arrange the related content into separate paragraphs. This is a crucial step to make sure that your essay doesn’t look like having any repetitions.

3. Draft

After having clustered the connected content into separate parts, start reading them. As you read them, you will receive ideas about making changes to the content eventually. And as you read the paragraphs a couple of times, you would be in a confident position to give shape to your essay.

4. Proofreading & Editing

As much important was writing the essay, that much important was proofreading. It makes the entire essay look a piece of intellect and craft.

1.1 Reading multiple times should give out some mistakes that you need to remove. And if you are not sure of your proofreading skills, seek an essay helper, as this is very important skill they possess to give you a quality essay.

1.2 Make sure your sentences are connected and give away a meaningful message. There might be lot of places to seek help with an essay.


5. Final document

Give a quick glance to the document and see what might be missing from a reader’s point of view. If you do not have anyone to suggest, look out for online sources to help writing essays, as it’s a piece of skill.

With this, you are done with your essay! You must be telling yourself ‘I didn’t finally need anyone’s help with writing an essay’. But is that all you needed to get your essay some appreciation? We doubt. There is a difference between a good essay and ‘just an essay’.

Ordinary Essay VS an Effective essay

How are you going to make sure that the essay you just finished writing is going to communicate your thoughts while fetching some nice round of applause to you? Gone blank? Let us simplify the thought for you. You have just finished writing an essay by looking at a step-by-step guide provided above but the newborn babies take ‘effectiveness’ to turn into masters. So would be the case with your essay. Next question in the line is - How am I going to add ‘effectiveness’ to my essay? Here’s the recipe -

  • In common usage we call it ‘no beating around the bush’. An effective essay revolves consistently around the central theme planned in the initial stage.
  • An effective essay leaves a ‘concluding statement’ in the minds of the readers. It doesn’t over-provide any irrelevant information to confuse the readers.
  • Well-designed layout is another trait in line. An ineffective essay has a messy and unorganized look, giving the first impression of ‘Oh my God! Where to start?’ to the readers. In most cases, the reader will drop out without reading anything at all.
  • Language is straight-forward and clear in an effective essay. This helps readers to end up loving the content as they could get the idea even after jumping off the paragraphs because of time-shortage.


Essay writing blunders

An essay might look like a collection of sentences from the view standpoint, but not all essays succeed to serve the purpose or leave an impression.

  • Very often we see multiple tenses in one paragraph. The essay was started to be written in past tense and jumps on to present or future. This gives a wrong impression about language control to the readers.
  • Non-directional sentences are frequently written in a bad essay that makes no sense in terms of grammar and leaves the reader in a state of confusion.
  • An improper indentation and spacing is what naive essay writers do. Such formatting blunders immediately succeed in being thrown into the nearby dustbin.
  • Either take help of a spell-check or get an online proof-reader hired if you are likely to make such mistakes every now and then.
  • Title making no connection with the content. This is also seen in unimpressive essays, that the title conveys some hypothesis while the content has something else to say. Avoid doing this, as this might cause a loss of readership.

‘I still need help writing an essay’

Is this still your statement? No worries. It is important to understand that it doesn’t take one or two days to deliver a great essay and everyone wants to present a perfect piece of work. Despite you having learnt the basics of a good essay writing, you might not have confidence to be able to give away the best product in one go. If you still have things in mind like ‘I still need help writing an essay’, in such cases, check out our essay writing services, that provide essay writing help to the seekers with the quality they need. We offer essay writing help online and guarantee quality help writing an essay with the support of skilled writers, having worked in the essay writing field for many years. Try out some samples or have a word with us to check if you need our facilities in great deals, and you would have the answer to your question ‘Who could help me write an essay?’