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There are some important steps to consider before hiring someone to write your paper for you:

  1. Why choose a writer online in the first place?

Think about the reasons why you need this paper written for you then weigh up all pros and cons. Your list may look a little like this:


  • It’s a really important paper that I can’t afford to mess up
  • I haven’t left myself with enough time
  • I just don’t have the energy right now


  • I don’t know how to go about finding one
  • I’m not sure what service is reliable


You’ve come this far, so you’ve probably decided to go for it. Your ‘pros’ speak for themselves so all you need to do now is tackle the ‘cons’. Here’s how:

  1. Is a cheap essay writing service a good idea?

You obviously don’t want to dig too deep in your pockets for something you could possibly do yourself but be warned: Essay writers who advertise their service for next to nothing should be a cautionary tale for all those who have had their fingers burned in the process, and it has happened. Those who don’t pay, don’t get. After all, you can’t expect not to pay quality.

Essay paper writers who are worth your time will charge you reasonable rates: Affordable, yet way more than zero. Do remember that by doing this you are investing in your future.

  1. How do I choose my writer?

There are so many online writing companies offering their services nowadays that it can all be a little daunting. You may find yourself wondering: How do I know if this person is reliable? What makes one company bad and the other good? Will I even get a good grade? Could I do it better myself?

You should read the following advice that will hopefully provide you with some answers to your musings.

We employ the right writers to provide you with a service that suits your needs down to the ground, no questions asked.

Professional essay writer SHOULD:

  • communicate with you regularly
  • ask for a fee upfront
  • guarantee you a good grade
  • use the correct sources and be up-to-date in your field
  • reference in the appropriate style
  • have years of experience in your subject
  • have years of writing experience
  • produce essays free from plagiarism
  • produce essays that are 100% original
  • provide assurance reports

Your writer is NOT a professional IF:

  • do not show their experience
  • do not ask you questions
  • charge a ridiculously low or ridiculously high fee
  • do not provide you with a free sample first


So you know what kind of writer to choose and what kind of writer to avoid. You’ve handpicked them from an online service yourself. But now what?

Any writer online if they are worth their salt, will be very communicative with you. This is a good sign. This means your paper is off to a good start.

With us, the writer you have chosen will be experienced in a number of different fields. Our service will provide you with an essay writer online who is the best match to your topic. Our writers are:

  • College essay writers

This writer will help you to enhance your paper for college. They may even do the whole paper for you, if this is what you require from them.

  • Custom essay writers

A writer like this will ask you a heap of questions about how you want your paper to look, feel and what you want it to contain. This is a personalized service which also includes following the handbook you have been given to you in your academic institute.

  • Academic essay writers

These writers are specialized in their field. They will have had years of experience in writing in your domain. Whatever your requirement, we are bound to find the correct writer for you.

Pay for quality, get quality. Good luck!